About Cable One

Serving more than 730,000 customers in 19 states with cable television, telephone, and high-speed Internet service, Cable ONE began in 1986 as a small cable television company.  We are now the 10th largest cable company in the U.S., offering our residential and business consumers a wide range of the latest products and services such as HD programming, wireless Internet service, and phone service with free, unlimited long distance calling.

Committed to our Customers

Although the corporate headquarters for Cable ONE is in Phoenix, Arizona, we currently have more than 2,000 associates serving in our local offices. At Cable ONE our focus is on customer satisfaction, associate satisfaction, and local service. We live in the communities we serve and we do our best to provide our customers and neighbors with the best possible service. Listening to our customers is so important to us, that we conduct more than 1,000 customer satisfaction surveys a month. Cable ONE wants to do everything possible to make our customer’s experience outstanding. That’s why we offer 24-hour technical support, and more importantly - a local office where our customers can talk to someone in person.

We also believe associate satisfaction is the key to customer satisfaction. Cable ONE fosters a close-knit culture that is visionary, collaborative, and inventive. We were proud to be voted by Cable World magazine as one of the 5 best places to work in cable television. By listening and caring about our associates, we know they are listening to and caring about our customers.

Committed to our Community

Cable ONE is committed to strengthening and improving the communities we serve, not only through our products and services, but through our support of local community and non-profit agencies, events, and initiatives. Our Cable ONE associates are passionate about giving back to the communities in which they live and work, volunteering year-round to raise money for or support causes which will benefit the community.

As Cable ONE grows, we will continue to provide our customers with the latest products and technical advancements, while maintaining the highest level of reliability and customer care. We recognize that we have a responsibility to our customers and the communities where we do business, and we will continue to ensure that we are the kind of company that our communities are proud to call a neighbor.

Cable ONE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company. Graham Holdings Company delivers quality products and services to today’s students, viewers, customers and advertisers. Graham Holdings Business Units include: Cable ONE, Kaplan, Post–Newsweek Stations, and SocialCode to name just a few.